insert storage system

The INSERT storage system is a broad line of office elements that satisfy all the needs of the user in endless combinations.

There are two ways of building the cupboards.  The first – INSERT FILL –  consists of an elegant rack in which the appropriate elements can be fitted, anything from drawer units to storage units and shelves.  The second – INSERT COMPOSE –  consists of various functional modules composed directly on top of, or next to, each other.

…Whatever combination you choose, your office will always remain coherent in style and design
  • INSERT FILL offers infinite possibilities of colour and decor combinations, giving your office a fresh look
  • Create a play of open and closed with a light, transparent partitition


  • INSERT COMPOSE offers a simple, modular storage solution which is compatible with our other office furniture systems
  • The functional design facilitates a discrete tidiness of the cupboards
compatible Furniture systems
INSERT is fully compatible with our other furniture systems, such as VISTA and SMART, providing endless combinations which are functional and coherent in style.
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Insert Storage System from Desk Buzz
Insert Storage System from Desk Buzz