Stonehenge partition screens

STONEHENGE is a modular partition collection inspired by the English monument.

Amorphous forms with a wide range of textile covers to furnish and organise open office spaces while considerably reducing noise due to their sound absorbing quality.

STONEHENGE’s partition panels form a contemporary visual and audio barrier, giving the workstation privacy in the middle of the office buzz.

…a revolutionary way of creating office islands, meeting areas and relaxation corners
  • Especially adapted for open spaces, ensuring privacy and noise reduction
  •  Captivating design with countless possibilities to combine colours and fabrics
  •  Fast and easy assembly allows the user to adapt the working space to their requirements
Finish Options

STONEHENGE panels have a special multi-layered compound with optimised perforation and density of foam layers.

This technology achieves Class-A sound absorption which is most effective in the frequency range of the human voice.

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Stonehenge Partition Screens from Desk Buzz
Stonehenge Partition Screens from Desk Buzz