up - sit/stand desks
up sit/stand desks

The human body is made for movement and long periods of sitting in one position can cause inconveniences and health issues.  The height position of the desk is as fundamental as stretching while working.

UP sit/stand desk allow you to adjust to the correct level according to personal requirements and the clean designed add-ons allows personalisation of the workspace.

…UP keeps you fit and moving
  • Height adjustable from 65cm to 125cm with the possibility of height display
  • Changing position during work has a beneficial effect on the body, health, productivity and concentration
  • Simple installation of add-ons
  • Each combination is unique and adjusted to your needs
Finish Options

Define your space with unique combinations to suit individual needs with everything you need to hand.

Choose the colour and texture of your acoustic screen and equip with UP accessories, including plant holders, paper bins and CPU holders.

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Up Sit/Stand Desks from Desk Buzz