vista DESKING system

The main characteristics of the VISTA desking collection are modularity and flexibility.  The leg comes with two inclinations, which permit different desk widths, or double desks.

The system has a floating effect, a visible lightness that contributes to keep a clean and tidy impression of your office, especially in bigger and crowded spaces.

…warmth and homey atmosphere, increasing the level of wellbeing and performance of your people who often spend more time at work than at home
  • Fresh, playful and attractive design
  • Simple and efficient, VISTA is ideal for any office space
  • Modular and flexible, the system allows the creation of numerous space solutions
Finish Options
for Colourful Storage
Combine with Insert

The compatibility of Insert storage with all of our operative office systems means whatever combination you choose, your office will always remain coherent in style and design.

Further information on Insert Storage here.

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Vista Desking Range from Desk Buzz
Vista Desking Range from Desk Buzz