Reducing noise in open plan offices

Desk Buzz Screens & Panels - Stonehenge in Green


Over 50% of workspaces in the UK have open plan layouts and while this has proven benefits such as building team relationships and enhancing creativity it also creates a noisy environment, which can have many negative consequences.

The effects of noise in the workplace have been well documented and include impacts on concentration, productivity and work quality.  There are also proven effects on employee well-being with increased levels of stress, which can also impact on absenteeism and staff turnover.

Considerations on the effects of noise are essential when planning a working environment to ensure these impacts are minimised.  You should consider how the space is going to be used and plan to enable both privacy and collaboration.

Stonehenge Acoustic Panels from Desk Buzz offer a contemporary solution to the distraction of office noise, while retaining the benefits of open space environments.  The multi-layered structure with perforated core material along with foam layer densities achieves Class-A sound absorption, which is proven to be most effective in the frequency range of human voices.

Stonehenge Panels are perfect for workspace privacy, creating breakout and meeting areas as well as relaxation corners.  Desk Buzz supply a full range of sizes, colours and textures to create a unique space tailored to all your needs.

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